Working Practices of the MDF (adopted December 2014)

Chairs’ summary, Constitutional Meeting of the MDF (December 2014)

Montreux+5 Conference Chairs’ Conclusions (December 2013)

Chairs’ summary, Third meeting of experts on PMSCs (April 2008)

Chairs’ summary, Second meeting of experts on PMSCs (November 2006)

Chairs’ summary, First meeting of experts on PMSCs (January 2006)

Press Releases

Launch of the MDF, 16 December 2014:

Press release of Switzerland

Press Release of the ICRC

Regional Conferences on PMSCs and the Montreux Document:

November 2015, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

Press release of Switzerland

Press release of IPSS

June 2014, Dakar, Senegal:

Press release of the ICRC

Practical Tools

Legislative Guidance Tool for States to Regulate PMSCs (EN)

Guía Legislativa para Estados sobre la Regulación de las Empresas Militares y de Seguridad Privadas (ES)

Guide Législatif pour la Réglementation par les États des Entreprises Militaires et de Sécurité Privées (FR)



A Mapping Study on Montreux Document Outreach and Implementation (2017):

This extensive research study seeks to inform Montreux Document participants on the strengths as well as the key remaining challenges in outreach and implementation, and is designed to capture legislative practice by national authorities when it comes to regulation of PMSCs. The study also seeks to identify themes and geographical regions tht could benefit from further research, implementation, capacity building, outreach and knowledge sharing. A Mapping Study on Outreach and Implementation

Regional Conferences:

To increase support for the Montreux Document and to encourage debates on issues related to the regulation of PMSCs, Switzerland, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of the Armed Forces (DCAF) launched a multi-year programme of conferences, which have been held in: 

Montreux+5 Report:

Progress and Opportunities: Challenges and Recommendations for Montreux Document Participants, 2nd edition (2015) (EN)



The Montreux Document on PMSCs Contemporary Challenges for IHL


Private Military and Security Companies

Message concerning the Federal Act on private security services provided abroad


Private Security Governance The Montreux Document Project on Private Security in the Western Balkans Business and Security Sector Reform